We exist because old marketing models are broken.

The digital revolution has changed the media landscape forever. Modern people are better informed, make conscious decisions on media and brands they want in their lives.

Being a genuine part of their online world has become essential.

@Kloze we are creative thinkers with a sharp eye on the rapid changing online world.

We understand brands conflicts and specialize in fresh and authentic video storytelling formats.




Your audience is smart. Good to know.

Why we are called Kloze?


Michael Kranewitter, Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-sa 4.0

We are crazy passionate about sports and have had a fascination for one man specially: German soccer player Miroslav Klose.

A pretty a-typical sports hero. A timid man in daily life, and barely visible on the pitch. Yet his achievements are stunning: He’s the all-time World Cup record scorer. He kept things supersimple and was highly effective.

We like to think a little like Miroslav.

Telling meaningful and fun stories.